Working in the creative industry for over 10 years has given me a lot of experience in different roles. Starting as a design intern in 2008, I worked my way up to Creative Director at SAP Litmos in 2018.  Since achieving my goals, I decided to explore different avenues.  This led me to where I am today, owning a creative studio in the Bay Area, where I continue to help brands explore their full potentials.  My specialties include video production/post production, art direction, concepting and creatively executing ideas.

Being a seasoned creative lets me help brands run with ideas from beginning to end. From brainstorming concepts and storyboarding to the final delivery, whether it be digital design, or a marketing video. 

I'm from Scarborough, Toronto and moved to the Bay Area in the year 2000. I have 3 kids and a loving husband that helps me run the household. I went to Cal State Fullerton for college and got my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I thought I was going to run my own magazine. The plan would soon change...During an internship in my last year of college, I worked for a digital startup agency called Juxt Interactive in Newport Beach, CA. We were an innovative marketing agency and our CEO was one of the Godfathers of Flash. We were doing amazing things with Photoshop and creating intricate microsites and campaigns. Digital marketing was the future!  They ended up hiring me after my internship and the rest is history!  I was very fortunate to be surrounded by and able to learn from some of the greatest creative minds in a fast growing industry. Grit, integrity and mindset were definitely instilled in me and i've carried it forward into the future. 

Let's work!

Thank you for visiting and coming along on my journey...