Clear Channel x Times Square Dunk Tank Augmented Reality


In 2011, Clear Channel installed the most technologically advanced digital billboard ever in Times Square. It uniquely features the highest screen fidelity and resolution, connection to servers, access to the Internet, and an HD video camera pointed down on the main plaza in Times Square.

The experience featured two characters: the Strong Man and the Painted Lady, whose fates were placed in the hands of the audience. Onlookers were prompted to tweet hash-tagged keywords to vote on which character they would prefer to dunk. Following a short live voting period, an Augmented Reality beach ball was released on screen, and the crowd worked together to bounce the ball into a target and dunk dunking selected character. We built an application that used motion tracking to make the ball react as people on the streets of Time Square swatted at it.

On the brink of giving birth to my daughter, I was tasked to tag along to the video shoots to capture behind the scenes video of both our underwater shoot, and our green screen studio shoot. Before I left on maternity leave, I was able to key the green screen shots and color grade the underwater scenes.