Toyota x Vision

Art Direction


In contrast, we crafted a three-chapter story for Toyota, centered on the use of technology in safety, manufacturing and lifestyle enablement for the Prius. Each chapter was supported with a deep set of content for users to engage in the brand story.

When this 130” x 84” wall was unveiled at the 2010 Detroit auto show, it was called the technology belle of the ball in the press.

The following year, we developed a Camry story, and a second, smaller version of the wall, for regional auto shows. The flexibility of the platform allowed for content to be localized to show locations and integrate the latest advertising campaigns in market.

As a result, Toyota realized continued ROI through the ability to add to the existing platform over the next couple years.


As a team at Juxt Interactive, we created this experience from concept to completion. Similar to my role in the Scion Surface Experience, my role was to help the Creative Team with design. We created hundreds of assets to populate the installation. I transcoded and resized all assets to be compatible with the installation. I also worked on video production for our assets, and created the Behind the Scenes video, playable above.


Executive Creative Director: Todd Purgason
Creative Director: Jeff Whitney
User Experience: Jaeha Yoo
Art Directors: Sebastian Bettancourt, Renato Braga, Aaron Feiger
Copywriter: Dan Tamura
Motion Designers: Ken Wu, Andy Bang
Video Production: Teddy Szegvary, Trisha Victorio
Sr. Producer: Rachael Wilcox
Producers: Alli Taylor, Jessica Jones